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GAIN Equine Nutrition is the equine feed arm of Glanbia the global nutritional solutions and cheese group. While Glanbia has a strong focus on human nutrition, GAIN Equine Nutrition focuses solely on equine nutrition. Manufactured in Co. Wexford in Ireland, GAIN Equine Nutrition prides itself on producing consistent, palatable, dust free feeds of the highest nutritional content to cater for all sectors of the equine industry.

We are delighted to be working with such an innovative company who really get behind our Irish riders offering the very best in nutrition for our horses.

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Founded by Tom and Carol MacGuinness, their determination to produce a rug that didn’t leak, didn’t make the horse sweat and didn’t slip led to the creation of the first fully waterproof and breathable turnout that really worked.

Today, our Rambo range is still made in the same town in Ireland under Tom’s watchful eye and with the same attention to detail and high quality material that we prided ourselves on in 1985. We are constantly striving to produce the best we can and have grown into a leading manufacturer of clothing for horses and riders. We never stop evolving; we’re always seeking out untrodden paths, pushing boundaries and finding new challenges.

We believe that because we create, we innovate. And through innovation we aim to make a difference to the lives of you and your horses.

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Luxurious craftsmanship combined with high performance innovation make American EquusEquestrian Stirrups and Spurs the #1 choice of champions worldwide.